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A major advantage for investors in Centurion is the steady growth shown by the area.

During 2000 the population grew by 12,8 per cent, mainly due to the growth in new apartment buildings and homes (7,2%) that occurred in the year. It also probably led to the growth in retail and industrial development, viz 0,4% and 19,7% respectively. Office and commercial development also grew positively during the past few years.

South shore of the lake

The year 2000's growth was preceded by steady growth during the previous number of years after a high growth rate, particularly in industrial development and the number of homes built during 1995 and 1996.


Centurion's economic basis is modern and aimed at the future. It offers many opportunities for growth and extension for the investor and developer. One of these is its strategic position in the economic heartland of Gauteng. It forms part of the centrally situated and technologically advanced development corridor between Pretoria and Johannesburg.

A further advantage is die high quality of its residential and social infrastructure. It is situated within a rural region that offers a high quality, pleasant and liveable environment. Because the area is relatively undeveloped, it has space for future development without replacing existing developments, as it is sometimes necessary in established environments.

Gauteng with relative position of Centurion
South Africa with Gauteng indicated
Centurion Country Estate

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Due to its situation near Pretoria and Johannesburg, the area attracts highly qualified and skilled professionals: 64% of the city's inhabitants are in management or professional positions. This means that the Pretoria-Johannesburg corridor has a high skills base, which is very important, especially in the information technology industry.

The region is already driven by investments from the private sector and is managed by a well-appointed and skilled local authority that is sympathetic to the local development dynamics.

Entrance to Cornwall Hill Country Estate

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Specific advantages for the investor includes:

  • The Samrand industrial core.
  • The central business district is within the N1 corridor.
  • Good services payment.
  • Developed areas have high quality engineering and social infrastructure at its disposal.
  • The Hennops River is a good resource.
  • Good quality physical infrastructure in most areas.
  • Large tracts of land are available for development, including agriculture, tourism, recreational and entertainment facilities.
  • Educational standards are above average.
  • Opportunities of integrating previously disadvantaged areas by redeployment of resources.
  • Centurion is a young, emerging node in the Pretoria-Johannesburg region
  • It has no urban decline.
  • The office, industrial and trading areas are relatively new and structurally suitable for current technological requirements.
  • The local community show an above average socio-economic character, with an above average income and educational level.
  • Skilled labour is available within the area and semi-skilled and unskilled labour is within easy reach.
  • The city boasts a young, growing economy. The numerous smaller enterprises indicates its growth and adaptability.
  • Centurion's population growth is above the national average and the demand for local services, retail etc. will probably grow, which will broaden the area's economic base.
  • Centurion's relative position in the region makes it ideal for a conference and exhibition centre.
  • It has potential for urban agriculture in Zone 3.
  • The Mabopane-Centurion Development Corridor could lead to public sector investment in the western part of the area with new infrastructure, improved transport links and encouragement of economic development.

Ingang na Samrand

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The following organisations in Centurion can assist prospective investors:

  • Local government : For information regarding availability of land, zoning, regulations and other requirements, etc. contact the town planning department of the Centurion Administrative Unit of Tshwane (+27 (012) 671-7450)
  • Cenbis: The Centurion Business Support Centre can assist prospective micro, small, and medium businesses by providing advice and facilitating finance. Also see the information on the page for Businesses.
  • Centurion Business Forum: This very active chamber can refer prospective investors to potential partners or members that can be of service. Also see the information on the page for Businesses.
  • Also visit our page with links and our Website focussing on business in Centurion (BusinessCenturion) for more information and links.
City of Growth

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We acknowledge and thank the following sources:

  • Centurion Stadsraad Dienstegids
  • Centurion Administrative Unit of Tshwane (Economic Atlas).

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