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Compassionate City

The Centurion Hospice was established after members of the community and the Centurion City Council (now part of Tshwane) recognised the need for a building where terminally ill patients could be admitted for treatment in an in-patient facility. The building was erected in Clifton Avenue, Lyttelton, close to the Unitas Hospital.


The vision of the society is to provide holistic treatment to terminally ill patients for whom no cure is available. Treatment is aimed at support and tender care of the patients by palliative nursing targeted at pain and symptom control. Everybody has the right to die with dignity in a caring environment.

To accomplish this vision, the association established an Article 21 Company (not-for-profit company) with the goal of building a care centre where any terminally ill patient could be treated without any discrimination. The company is managed by a committee of 12 members, chosen from the community, and a management committee responsible for the day-to-day management.

The aim is not to treat chronic disorders as such but to provide short-term care in the last life phases of people with terminal illnesses.


Day Care Service

The day care service is being extended to the hospice centre itself. This means that families in the community can bring their family member to the centre before 07:00 in the morning where they will be cared for during the day while the family member(s) can go to work or go shopping. They can fetch the patient again after 17:00 in the evening.

Several support groups form part of the day care services. For example: A group of volunteer workers of the hospice meet each first Wednesday of the month. CANSA's support group for patients and helpers meet every second Thursday of the month and a support group for people who have lost loved ones, is also envisaged.

Wound care services are also available from the centre. Appointments can be made telephonically.

Home Care

Professional nursing staff, trained in palliative care, provides home care for terminally ill patients on a daily basis. The hospice depends on the services of volunteers from the community assist them to take care of and support patients and their families. Volunteers can assist by reading to patients, doing shopping and help with sanitary care.

In-patient Unit

The buildings of the in-patient unit have just been completed. The unit is currently being fitted with furniture and staff is being appointed. Patients in an advanced stage of their illness and who cannot be treated at home will be admitted and taken care of.


The counselling of the grieving patient and family is an important service in the quest to provide a holistic service. The counselling service provides support to the patients after they hear that they have a terminal illness, while they are coming to terms with their illness and during the final phase of the illness. The family of the patient are also included in the support process to assist them in coming to terms with their loss. The hospice considers grieving to be a natural part of the healing process.

Bargain Centre

This little shop is open to the public every Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 and Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00. Kitchenware, books, clothes and furniture donated by the public are sold here. You are welcome to browse and buy. All funds raised in this manner are used for the operation of the Centurion Hospice.

Funds, Assistance and Support

The Centurion Hospice cannot survive on the proceeds from the Bargain Centre alone.

Twice a year funds are raised through two special functions. The West Coast              "Snoekbraai" takes place in April/May and the Game Festival ("Wildsbraai") in August.

The Centurion Hospice is very dependent on the community for financial assistance and voluntary aid and donations.

Enquiries, Volunteers and Donations

If you have any enquiries or would like to become involved, please call the following people for more information:

    Ms. Jetske Nell:

    +27 (0)12 654-5031
    +27 (0)12 671-7406

    Prof. Phillip Boyazaglu

    +27 (0)12 656-7930

    Manager: Nursing Services

    +27 (0)12 664-6175

    Ms. Jackie Jackson

    +27 (0)12 664-6154


    City with a Heart

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    We acknowledge and thank the following sources:

    • Ms. Jetske Nell of the Centurion Hospice Association
    • Ms. Jackie Jackson, Centurion Hospice

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