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If you are involved in or know about an event for which information should be displayed in CenturioNet’s calendar, please complete the form below to let us know about it and to advertise it in this way*.

None of the fields are compulsory but comprehensive information will enhance the possibility of the information being published*.

Particulars of the Person completing the form:


E-mail Address:

Telephone Number:

Involvement with the event:



Detail of the Event


Short description of the event:

(What does it involve? Topic? Speaker? Who will perform? In aid of? Organisation presenting it?..........)





Book at:

(Name/place, contact details, etc.)

Last date for bookings:

Other information:

(Any other information that may be important. Target audience? Age restriction? Dress code? Parking facilities? ...)

Web address for more information (if available):



Detail about Person who can supply more information, if different from above (person completing this form)

Relationship with organisation/event:


E-mail address:

Telephone number:




If the information has been captured successfully, you will be taken to a “successful” page. If it was not successful (perhaps you did not complete a required field) you will be returned to this page. In such a case, please complete the form properly and try again or simply send us you input by e-mail.


* CenturioNet (SuproNet, a division of SUPROKON Management Services) is under no obligation to publish information and publication of the information is at CenturioNet’s sole discretion.

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