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SUPROKON Management Services CC (CK1990/012552/23) provides management and business services and has offices in Centurion. In addition to management consulting services, SUPROKON also provides web design, web hosting and related services through three divisions trading and providing services using different trade names namely CenturioNet, SuproNet and BusinessCenturion (BesigheidCenturion).

A common home page (accessible through any of the following web addresses:,,, provides entry to these web sites, each of which has its own section (web site or group of web sites) focusing on the specific servicesrices provided by that division. Each of the web sites and their associated web sites can also be accessed through other direct links (addresses) within the,, and domains. These web sites are all linked to each other (hereafter referred to as the “CenturioNet websites”).

SUPROKON Management Services CC is the owner of these CenturioNet websites (hereafter referred to as the “Owner”).

1. Copyright

A lot of time and effort is put into the development, composition, expansion and maintenance of the CenturioNet websites. All content, layout, composition, graphic works, artistic works and photographs available and published on the CenturioNet websites are subject to copyright protection.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, or automatically determined otherwise by contractual relationships or the Copyright Act 98 of 1978, copyright in the CenturioNet websites belongs to SUPROKON Management Services CC.

All use of any copyrighted work available or published on the CenturioNet websites is subject to the terms and conditions set out in this notice.

2. Acknowledgement of Sources

The Owner is keen to acknowledge all sources used in the development of the CenturioNet websites. The Owner has tried to acknowledge all sources on the relevant page. If the Owner has neglected to sufficiently acknowledge any source, the Owner apologises and invites you to bring it to our attention immediately so that we can correct the oversight.

3. General conditions of use

The following use of material published on the CenturioNet websites is hereby permitted:

  • Permission is hereby granted for reasonable and equitable use and reproduction of the published information, including graphical elements, for personal use, or for purposes of academic study or training.
  • In the event that any material on the CenturioNet websites is used or reproduced for academic tutoring or training, the CenturioNet websites and author shall be given sufficient acknowledgement as source.
  • If you want to use the material for any purpose other than academic study or personal use, prior written approval by the Owner is required. Send such requests to CenturioNet.

The following use of material published on the CenturioNet websites is expressly forbidden:

  • Use of material for any commercial purpose , either for profit or non profit.
  • Use of the material by any state, government or political party.
  • Use of the material on any website not under the control of or owned by the Owner.
  • “Framing” of any of the pages of the CenturioNet websites or the use of any technique whereby any of the content of the CenturioNet websites is presented as part of another website.
  • Use of the photographs or other graphical elements for any purpose other than personal use or academic study.

Although the CenturioNet websites may reflect information that is in the public domain, consideration must be given to the fact that the Owner has spent money, time and effort to obtain the information and to represent, update, and publish it on the CenturioNet websites. The copyright in the specific layout and presentation of the information (such as tables, graphs, etc.), belong to the Owner and, subject to the conditions above, may not be used or reproduced in this format without the prior written consent of the Owner.

Screen savers, wallpaper and calendars

Where provision is made on the CenturioNet websites to electronically download files to be used as screen savers, wall paper and/or calendars, such electronic files may be downloaded and used for personal and non-commercial purposes free of charge for an undetermined time, at the user’s own risk. Re-distribution through another website is expressly forbidden.

The electronic representation and photographs of artworks have been acquired with the permission of the artists, and the terms of use stated in this notice have been agreed upon as such with the artists.

However, copyright regarding the composition and layout of the photographs and calendars displaying the artworks and the creation of the electronic files, belong to the Owner, and may not be altered in any way. Subject to the conditions above, no component, including graphical elements, may be extracted technically or used separately.

The Owner accepts no responsibility for the use of the electronic files and offers no technical support for the use thereof. The files have been created on an electronic system protected by a virus scanner, but use thereof is at own risk.

Reservation of rights

No action, or failure to act, or refusal or neglect by the Owner to enforce his copyright shall be construed as a concession made in terms of any of the terms and conditions in this notice, or that the Owner waived any of his rights. The Owner may also, from time to time, make changes to this notice. The Owner’s rights are strictly reserved.

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    The use of this Website,
    the information in it and the links to other Websites are at the user’s own risk.
    By visiting and using this Website, the visitor accepts these conditions.
    Address your communication regarding this Website to the Webmaster.

    This Website and its contents belong to CenturioNet,
    a division of SUPROKON Management Services.
    See Copyright for conditions of use and copyright notice.
    © 2011-2013 CenturioNet
    All rights reserved.


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