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A number of rules need to be adhered to when using ChatNet and by using ChatNet you agree to these conditions unconditionally and irrevocably:

  1. The chat room is open to everyone and aimed at the total community of Centurion and those who have an interest in Centurion. Please keep the discussion to such a tone that parents will have no qualms about allowing their minor children to use the facility.
  2. Swearing and the use of foul language is not allowed.
  3. Discuss the subject, not the person.
  4. The fact that the information appears on ChatNet does not mean that that SuproNet, its owners, employees, sub contractors or collaborators approve or support the content.
  5. SuproNet, owner of CenturioNet, reserves the right to remove part or all of the content at any time. The fact that SuproNet does not remove information/discussions still does not mean that the owners approve or support it.
  6. Although SuproNet provides this facility, you are solely and fully responsible for any information you place and comments you make on the chat room and you indemnify SuproNet, its owners, employees, sub contractors and collaborators from all liability resulting from any claims that may result from your use of ChatNet.

Click on the icon if you accept the conditions and want to go to ChatNet.

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When you click the ChatNet icon a new browser window will be opened with ChatNet loaded. When you want to leave ChatNet, simply close that window and continue browsing from this page.


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List of businesses in Centurion.
Economic data (statistics) about Centurion.


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