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The Centurion Community Chest was absorbed into the Tshwane Community Chest, which has since ceased to exist. For information about the national organisation, click here.

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Caring City


The Community Chest is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising and distributing funds in a professional and efficient manner to organisations that engaged in meeting the welfare needs of the community.

The organisation supports and guides beneficiary organisations that provide efficient, relevant services and who use their own resources effectively.

The Chest aims to meet the need of all donors by facilitating the widest, effective distribution of funds from the community to the community.


The objectives of the Community Chest are to:

  • Promote special welfare services principally by means of financial assistance within the area of operation and to raise funds for this purpose.
  • Afford the public the opportunity to human welfare work through this Community Chest, whose objective is to distribute such contributions amongst registered welfare and fund-raising organisations, which are recommended by the Regional Welfare Board of the Department of Health and Welfare, as well as other bodies, approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Encourage co-operation, efficiency and economy in the operation of welfare organisations and other bodies approved by the Board of Directors in the areas mentioned.
  • Co-operate with other Chests in the establishment and maintenance of a National Council of Community Chest, with objectives to co-ordinate Chest activities on a national basis.
  • Do whatever is incidental or conducive to the attainment of our objectives, set forth in the Constitution.

Contact Detail and Participation

To participate in any of these projects, contact any of the following members of the management:

  • Hennie Vorster (Chairperson)
  • Rita Aucamp (Executive Director)
  • Erwin Stark (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Marietha Aucamp (Liaison Officer)
  • Thea Naudé (Secretary)

The Tshwane Community Chest currently has 54 affiliated welfare members requiring assistance regarding funds and other resources.

For any enquiries, please phone us at +27 (012) 664 8176

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We acknowledge and thank the following sources:

  • 2001 Annual Report of the Community Chest
  • Community Chest

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