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Safe City

The Centurion Community Protection Company (CCPC) is a corollary to the Centurion Community Protection Association, which has been actively busy solving the safety problems in Centurion since 1996.

The vision of the association is to ensure a safe, crime free environment for the residents and business communities in Centurion.

CCPC: Control room
CCPC: Security World shopCCPA: Sign board

In an effort to realise this vision the association established  the CCPC. The association appoints the directors of the company.

The primary purpose of the company is to support the security community, in particular the SA Police Services (SAPS), by means of financial contributions, vehicles and equipment to make Centurion the safest community in the country. In this manner the company already supplied support to the value of R5 million.

The CCPC also provides other services that should meet every security and emergency need. Amongst the services rendered are:

  • Co-ordinated trauma service and support for victims of violence.
  • A drug forum.
  • Safe accommodation for victims of especially family violence.
  • Arms and first-aid training.
  • An assessment room for children at the SAPS' Child Protection Unit.
  • A communication centre for Centurion.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the residents of Centurion to improve safety.

In addition to these basic services the company provides commercial services, such as providing personal and household security equipment.

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Guards
  • Armed response unit
  • Installation and repair of alarms and equipment
  • Advice and covert services
  • Medical emergency support (Netcare)
  • Assistance with short term insurance.

CGBM: Reaksievoertuie

The CCPC also plans a number of further projects to help confirm its vision, such as job creation for school leavers in particular, the establishment of a magistrate's court in Centurion, an emergency number for the area and support for victims of violence and crime.

You can support the CCPC by becoming a member, act as sponsor or offer your services. More information on the CCPC's services or how you may become involved, can be obtained by telephoning +27 (012) 653-5342 and speaking to either PW or Annalien, or write to:

    PO Box 600
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We acknowledge and thank the following sources:

  • Centurion Community Protection Company

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