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City for Business

Centurion has an active and fast growing business community. The Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) adjudged the local business chamber (Centurion Business Chamber) the best business chamber three years running. The first two years it was in the category for small chambers and the third year it was co-winner with Pretoria Business Chamber in the open section.

This page contains a summary of the following business aspect in Centurion:

More information may be obtained as follows:

  • BusinessCenturion contains a business directory (alphabetical and by product/service), economic and demographic data (statistics) and information about business opportunities.
  • For background on Centurion's growth and investment potential, visit the Investment section.
  • For other web sites with information on businesses in Centurion, visit our Links section.

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Centurion Sakekamer

Prosperity for Centurion

The Centurion Business Chamber's motto is "Prosperity for Centurion" and reflects the executive and members' attitude towards business in Centurion. The chamber consists of business people that work or live in Centurion and care for the communal interests of local business people. Through affiliation with the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut (AHI) every member also has a say in Business South Africa.

The chamber is very active and regularly presents functions and information sessions for its members and other interested parties. It was the first business chamber in the country with its own Website, (Site is now an archive. A new link will be provided when a new site becomes available.)

Centurion Sakekamer se Embleem
Beste Sakekamer in SA 1999-2000
Sakekamerbestuur vir 2001/2

The chamber is managed by a management committee elected annually and has an office with a permanent administrative officer.

For more information, visit the Website of the Centurion Business Forum. (Site is now an archive. A new link will be provided when a new site becomes available.)

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Centurion Business Support Centre (Cenbis)

Cenbis is a Section 21 company that provides a comprehensive support and advice service for entrepreneurs. It was established in 1998 after a combined initiative of the then Centurion Town Council and the Centurion Business Chamber. Some observers consider this centre to be a model for other such centres.

Cenbis se gebou


Cenbis' objective is to develop a lucrative business community to the advantage of Centurion's residents by provides the SMME sector with access to all available and relevant information and support services to promote healthy competition in die business community.

Value System

Cenbis' value system is based on the following principles:

  • Healthy business practice
  • Healthy business principles
  • Inclusivity of the total community, and
  • Full participation by the community


Amongst its primary services are:

  • Credit guarantees and financial support services
  • Help with completion of applications for financial and credit guarantee schemes
  • Compilation of business plans
  • Training in management and business skills
  • Business consultation and mentorship programmes
  • Industrial and technological advice
  • Economic and viability studies
  • Legal aid, bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Investment advice
  • Export promotion and market research
  • Assistance with state tender procedures
  • Extensive reference library
  • Assistance with growth and expansion plans
  • Business Referral and Information Network (BRAIN)

Contact Detail

For more information about Cenbis:

    Telephone: +27 (012) 664-7275
    Fax: +27 (012) 664-4696

The office is situated to the east of the library complex on the corner of Cantonments Road and Unie Avenue in Lyttelton.

City for Investment

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We acknowledge and thank the following sources:

  • Centurion Stadsraad Dienstegids

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